Custom Ajustable Stand up/Sit Down Desk

Awesome custom desk
Awesome custom desk

WP_20140517_001 WP_20140517_002 WP_20140518_001 WP_20140518_002 WP_20140518_003I have seen a lot of very awesome stand up desks.  Just to name a few we have uplift, updesk, and even some simple tables on center blocks.  I think these desks are totally awesome and if I had the money I would of bought probably a custom uplift desk for $1500.  I had one problem with this though.  It was to expensive to me and I didn’t really think I needed the motorized ajustability.    I did want some ajustability though; I knew I would eventually set aside enough cash to buy an uplift desk, but I wanted to also have a really nice desk/work table I could use in the future when I didn’t need it any more.  So what I did was a happy medium.  While my solution is more expensive then the table on center blocks it is a lot cheaper then the motorized desk.

Here are a list of the supplies and the locations that I got them.

  • Butcher Block – Lumber Liquidators
  • 1 Inch plumbers pipe – Home Depot
  • RV Jack Stands – Walmart

All together this stuff cost me around 350 bucks.  While not the cheapest desk it is solid as can be and is so large it takes up 1 of my entire walls.

In order to save money I decided to use some old stain I had laying around and then I put all the piping pieces together in the shape that would ensure the most stability.  After I did that I took the footing pieces for the pipes I got from home depot and the RV Jack Stands from Walmart into my garage.  You see, one of the nice things is the washer on the top of the threaded riser on the jack stand is it pivots.  If you weld the plumbers footings on the the top of this washer it still allows it to spin.  This is perfect for an ajustable desk.  While it isn’t motorized it is a happy medium for the budget constrained, or some one that just needs something that isn’t plugged in, but can still move up and down for what ever reason.  You can also score some rubberized matting to put on top of this protect your main area from stains, or dents.

Just as a side note because I didn’t mention it earlier is that in order for this desk to also be an optional sit desk you can either move it to the lowest setting, or you can also just get a drafting chair.  They are generally taller and perfect in case you are fatigued from standing to long.  I also picked up an anti-fatigue mat from amazon.  I have linked both below.

Genuine Joe Anti-Fatigue Mat, Beveled Edge, 2 by 3-Feet, Black

Boss Multi-Function Leatherplus Drafting Stool with Adjustable Arms

Any way I hope you try out the desk for yourself and if you do please post a picture and link, or let me know how it went.

What do you know?

don't be boring
don’t be boring

I wanted to write something fun and hopefully a little interesting to some random person that sees this. When you are doing your daily routine in my mind I think we all end up falling into a specific trend of habits. Usually when you fall into that trend you don’t learn new things and you sometimes lose passion. I understand with everyone hustling to make a buck sometimes passion isn’t something we focus on, but it is important. It is the difference between waking up loving life, or waking up not wanting to get outta bed while hazily looking forward to nothing. I think having goals is great, but passion is so much more important. It can make the lives of everyone around you so much richer.

One thing that I tend to find invigorating is learning something new. When I get a chance to learn something new, or devour a new book I’ve been wanting to read it can be a real treat. If you get a couple free hours try learning something new. If you enjoy watching the boob tube that is all well and good. I love watching my shows as well, but giving yourself an hour just to learn something you didn’t know before will greatly increase your happiness.

Any way, keep on kickin ass and love what you do.


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