Cool Tesla video for China

This video is really cool.  The best quote is “if everyone drove an ev the sky would be blue again.”

While this may not be entirely true because other pollution sources exist it very well may be true.  I guess we all have to get EVs to find out.  I for one would love it if children weren’t born with lung cancer, asthma, or other illness related to chemicals in the air and soil.

What do you know?

don't be boring
don’t be boring

I wanted to write something fun and hopefully a little interesting to some random person that sees this. When you are doing your daily routine in my mind I think we all end up falling into a specific trend of habits. Usually when you fall into that trend you don’t learn new things and you sometimes lose passion. I understand with everyone hustling to make a buck sometimes passion isn’t something we focus on, but it is important. It is the difference between waking up loving life, or waking up not wanting to get outta bed while hazily looking forward to nothing. I think having goals is great, but passion is so much more important. It can make the lives of everyone around you so much richer.

One thing that I tend to find invigorating is learning something new. When I get a chance to learn something new, or devour a new book I’ve been wanting to read it can be a real treat. If you get a couple free hours try learning something new. If you enjoy watching the boob tube that is all well and good. I love watching my shows as well, but giving yourself an hour just to learn something you didn’t know before will greatly increase your happiness.

Any way, keep on kickin ass and love what you do.


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