21 January 2015

Why I stopped using apple products

I was at one point a person that liked something and would go all in.   I am the type of person that really likes to try everything and make the best use of products and services to make my life more enjoyable.  I liked a lot of things about Apple products.  For example in comparison to a Windows based desktop I can easily install applications using homebrew, or mac ports.  Most unix style Linux applications would work pretty easily.  Everything seemed very polished and stable for the most part for what I do on a daily basis.  It wasn't until I had an update that suddenly my dream of working on my Macbook Air and using Apple TV with an iPhone started to give me a bad experience.

It seems the extensive integration of products only goes so far.  For example most people with apple TV, MBA(mac), and iPhone will quickly discover is they aren't integrated very well at least if you are watching/listening to podcasts.  This for me is a major issue as I like to watch podcasts quite often as opposed to regular television.  I asked for help from the community, but got none.  You can see that here.  

This wasn't a total drag for me as all these systems were newer and maybe I would be getting some updates that would help these issues.  I would just do some air streaming until then so my podcasts would stay synced.

The issue that really made my head spin that I wanted to share should probably be prefaced with some additional information in case you weren't aware.  I am a programmer by trade and at the time I was working on a web project using LAMP related technologies. like PHP, JS, HTML, and the like.  Any way, I have a lot of programs that aren't App store "Approved".  I had to go into my MBA and tell OSX I wanted it to allow me to install software that isn't "Approved" which is ok what ever.  It wasn't until this horrible update came and completely removed all of my non-"Approved" applications.

At that point I couldn't use it any more.  I had literally tons of intricate settings that make it a real hassle to setup your dev environment.  Now I know a few people are going to say backup off site, or cloud storage, but honestly I don't want to have to spend any time worrying about those things especially on a work machine.  I want to come into the office, work, and go home.  As most people I don't get paid to goof around with my system.  I get paid for results.  I've heard some people having this issue and others tell me I am crazy, but it happened to me and after that my love for everything Apple quickly vanished.

I've used various flavors of Linux like Ubuntu, Fedora, and Arch as well as Windows and generally I love Linux, but I find myself loving to tinker with it rather then doing work.  One good thing about not liking Windows as much is that it is great when you just want to do some work.  Any way, I am back in the PC/Linux world and honestly it seems to be what works best for me.  I'd love to hear what other people like and think.