72002.6 / 15 July 2018

How does technology effect us?

I stumbled upon a pretty interesting independent, not for profit, documentary.  It went over many different things that effect people in regards to technology.  It has a lot of theatrical expressions in the documentary I tended to send cruising at times two speeds to get to the meat of the video, but overall it was fun and interesting to put things into perspective.   This may not be obvious for people younger then say thirty three years old, or possibly younger then twenty five, but then again are those people contemplating effects of technology on them and their family?

Personally, I remember when the internet wasn't really a thing.  It existed, but no one really cared.  We hopped on and used a computer to play a game, or make the computer repeat things we said in a funny voice with a talking parrot, but for us that was really it.  Later on we got slightly more advanced and I could record music to CDs and play video games online with friends, but it was still not very important.  Email for normal people was only just budding.  Cell phones weren't a thing and pagers were only for doctors, or important people.  Forget carrying around a car phone, or a brick Saved By the Bell style cell phone.  "Hello, Zack Morris here",  Why am I bringing all this up?

Well basically I think while avoiding some disaster I was the last generation that saw what life was like without a constant barrage of technology effecting every facet of society and what it meant to be human.  The things in the video weren't alien to me.  As some one that is a software developer and intensely focused on technology it is strange that I am the one that notices it more then many people I interact with on a daily basis.   Possibly because I have seen how it effects me personally.

Anyway, I won't carry on forever here.  I just thought it was interesting.  Here is the link to the video.  It is free.