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Book's I've Read

Not a complete list, but I am working on adding them all. I will try and write what I thought about them if anyone is interested.


These are my public GitHub projects. I have many more that will be released eventually.

Android-Sandwich (Java)

BakeTracker (Java)

CarND-Capstone (Jupyter Notebook)

CarND-MPC-Project (C++)

CarND-Object-Detection-Lab (Jupyter Notebook)

MPC-Controller (C++)

Magi-Portal (PHP)

NearInfinity (None)

Notebooks (Jupyter Notebook)

PID-Controller (C++)

Perspective-Transform-Convolution-Lane-Finding (Jupyter Notebook)

PopularMovies (Java)

PopularMovies2 (Java)

Project-IE-4k (None)

Sunshine (Java)

cpufrequtils (None)

extended-kalman-filter (C++)

gce-admob (Java)

gemrb (C++)

mainline (Vala)

ov_ftdi (Python)

palo-alto (Python)

path-planning (C++)

pelican-stardate (Python)

pinephone (Shell)

semantic-segmentation (Python)

simplelogin-example (PHP)

sshmirror (None)

stardate (Python)

ud851-Exercises (Java)