71877.0 / 30 May 2018

New D&D book, Mordenkainen's Tome of Foes

I have been waiting for around two months for this book and it finally arrived yesterday.  I always loved playing these games and entertaining the thoughts of the interesting monsters and strategic challenges involved.  Any one a D&D fan want to play a game some time?  Get in touch with me.

The roots of my love go back to when I was first introduced to the game.  Initially it was through the game called Baldur's Gate.  Now through that experience I have learned a lot about the game and have moved onto some table top interactions with people in the flesh as opposed to over a wire.

Lately, I have been going over the Elminster series.  I went through the previous three books I believe are in the history of Mystras choosen.


Currently on the book called Elminster in Hell.


While I am still reading this book, I have also added another additional book to my reading list and will try to do both concurrently time permitting.

Any way, I will be releasing some more details on a project I have been working on and I have some interesting plans for it.  I hope people like it, but thought I would post a short bit on what I have been up to in my free, free, time.  Here is a look at what the new book looks like.


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