73609.0 / 22 February 2020

PinePhone Install Script

So I have been on a mission to understand open source devices and one of those devices already being developed is the pinephone. I made and install script for the pine phone. It does some checksum, and makes sure we are pulling in the latest version of UBPorts, or Ubuntu Touch.

So something bothered me when I went to go install Ubuntu Touch, no one created an easy install script. It seemed like the people that put the stuff out almost wanted you to struggle, or waste 10 or 15 minutes to install. Since the image has to be re-downloaded each time, since from my experience it has no ability to automatically update after the image is installed. I am still learning on this subject and I imagine this will improve though.

I just wanted to make a quick post and let you know what is going on with my install script. So basically I haven't found any additional information for this install script in regards to installing UBPorts.

Anyway long story short here is the link to the script repo. Please make a pull request if you got an improvement.

Pass the link around and it will save you some time to flash your phone. Hopefully development continues and we will see some improvement here. I have been doing research and don't know if I have enough time to dedicate to making this better, but I am sure collectively we can all do a little bit to improve things and inspire others.

Keep on hacking, lets make a good experience for a truly open source phone that doesn't spy and track your every move.

Here are a couple videos I made.